About Us

Welcome to Living Off the Land, our family blog all about living off-grid. Three years ago, when our son was born, my wife and I decided that we wanted a different kind of life for our family.

Right then and there we started making plans to move our life off-grid before our son was old enough to remember, so that his whole life would be spent in the country.


Since that day we have never looked back, sure, there have been some very rough patches, but if we can make it this far we can get through anything. Each day we learn more, prepare better and bring more stability to our little home in the country. For us, this lifestyle has been nothing but rewarding and enriching. We get to spend much more time together and that has made every day of hard work completely worth it.


We hope to share about our lives here to help others that are also off-grid or considering going off-grid, and of course there will be plenty of funny tales and happenings to keep you entertained with our life in the country. Enjoy!