Shower Yes, But Save Water!

While nobody would deny that showering is an essential part of everyday life, there are better and more eco-friendly alternatives to today’s water wasting power showers. Many modern showers, while delightful to use, waste a lot of water which is not only uneconomically for your water bills, but is also not very environmentally friendly. Water is a scarce resource in the modern world, so we need to think about conserving it rather than wasting it. Although experts suggest that people take showers instead of running baths because it allegedly saves water, this benefit is wasted if people take very long showers under a powerful running supply.

One of the solutions is to choose a shower with a low-flow showerhead. These shower heads have been specially designed to help homeowners save money on their water bills whilst also helping to save the environment. Since we value the environment and want to make the shower in our cabin’s new bathroom as eco-friendly as possible, it is very important to use to choose a shower that fits in with our lifestyle and philosophy. We need a shower that is efficient and which can ensure that we get clean quickly and easily but without excessive use of water.

Shower heads are measured in terms of their flow i.e. how many gallons they can deliver every minute (or gpm). Flow can be affected by the pressure of the water, which is measured in psi (pounds per square inch). The more pressure there is pushing the water through the showerhead and pipes, the greater the water volume which is forced out. Not so long ago, a standard shower head delivered up to 8 gallons per minute, however today, a low flow head is capable of delivering just 2.5 gpm and some are even so efficient that they deliver just 1.6 gpm.

The best thing about a low-flow showerhead is that it doesn’t lack quality, and it will feel great even if the water pressure is low, and since the water has to travel a shorter distance to your body from the shower head, it will cool less in the air, meaning you can lower your shower’s water temperature to save even more money.

Types Of Low Flow Shower Head

There are two kinds of low flow shower head. The first is the stationary, regular kind while the second is a handheld model which is attached to a hose. Handheld models are usually able to be clipped to a hanger mounted on the wall or to a bar to allow for hands-free showers. A handheld model may be a little more costly, however, they are a lot more versatile and can also use the water even more efficiently.

Best Low Flow Shower Heads

As we were trying to choose the right low flow shower head for our cabin’s bathroom, we took some time to review the different options and came up with these two models on a shortlist — get more details when you visit

American Standard 1660.613.075 Flowise Modern 3 Function Shower Head

This shower head from American Standard is extremely high quality, using a rotating turbine instead of mixing in the air so that it can maintain the full spray without using extra water. It also features an auto-return to the water-saving spray once the shower has been switched off. It is available in different shapes and styles to suit the type of shower you have, however, its bulky design means that it may look too large for your space or, even worse, not fit into your shower area.

Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Showerhead With H2OKINETIC Technology

This showerhead features two different settings for its flow rate – 2.5 GPM which is pretty standard and an ultra-low-flow which is 1.85 GPM for even better water saving. As this ultra-low setting mixes air into the water, it creates larger droplets for an effective shower experience while managing to save money on the water bills. This efficient shower is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a cutting-edge way to cut costs on household bills. On the downside, the two spray patterns are very similar, and when used on full power it can actually be painful to use.

Although it was a difficult choice, in the end, we decided to go for the American Standard Model thanks to its simplicity, yet money-saving efficiency and thanks to! We can’t wait to get it installed in our new cabin bathroom!